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xpl_command is used to send a command to X-plane

X-plane uses commandrefs, these may be used to send commands to X-Plane. You can find the list of available commands here.

Return value

This function won't return any value.


# Argument Type Description
1 commandref String Reference to a command from X-plane (see here)
2 value Number Optional field. From AM/AP 4.1, you can set this argument to "BEGIN", "ONCE" or "END" command. Older versions can use provide 1 for a BEGIN command, or 0 for an END command.


-- Shut down X-plane
-- Only use the begin and end commands when necessary
function button_pressed()
  -- Engage starter motor
  xpl_command("sim/engines/engage_starters", "BEGIN")

function button_released()
  -- Disengage starter motor
  xpl_command("sim/engines/engage_starters", "END")