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video_stream_id = video_stream_set(video_stream_id, key)
video_stream_id = video_stream_set(video_stream_id, key, tex_x, tex_y, tex_width, tex_height)

video_stream_set is used to change the texture or texture size of a video stream.

Return value

This function won't return any value.


# Argument Type Description
1 key String Reference to the video stream. This can be created using video_stream_add function.
2 tex_x Number (Optional) Left point of texture viewport.
3 tex_y Number (Optional) Top point of texture viewport.
4 tex_width Number (Optional) Width of texture viewport.
5 tex_height Number (Optional) Height of texture viewport.


-- Create a new video stream for the X-plane PFD
my_video_stream = video_stream_add("xpl/G1000_PFD_1", 0, 0, 1024, 768)

-- Lets change to the MFD instead
video_stream_set(my_video_stream, "xpl/G1000_MFD")