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running_txt_move_carot(running_txt_id, position)

running_txt_move_carot is used set the position of a running txt object. The carot is seen as the index of the virtual list that should be rendered at the center of the running text. Changing the carot will make the running txt object scroll.

Return value

This function won't return a value.


# Argument Type Description
1 running_txt_id Number The running txt id of which to move the carot
2 position Number The position to move the carot to.


function value_callback(item_nr)
  return "this is item " .. item_nr

-- This will generate 7 text_objects horizontally. Text objects are 200x100. Radius of the circle is 350.
my_running_txt_id = running_txt_add_cir(100,100,7,200,100,350, value_callback,"-fx-font-size:11pt; -fx-fill: white;")

-- Set position to 1
running_txt_move_carot(my_running_txt_id, 1)

-- Or to 2...
running_txt_move_carot(my_running_txt_id, 2)