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rotate(node_id, degrees)
rotate(node_id, degrees, anchor_x, anchor_y, anchor_z)
rotate(node_id, degrees, animation_type, animation_speed) (from AM/AP 4.0)
rotate(node_id, degrees, animation_type, animation_speed, animation_direction) (from AM/AP 4.0)
rotate(node_id, degrees, anchor_x, anchor_y, anchor_z, animation_type, animation_speed, animation_direction) (from AM/AP 4.0)

rotate is used to rotate an image, txt or canvas object. The object will be rotated around the center of the object, unless a custom anchor point is provided.

Return value

This function won't return a value.


# Argument Type Description
1 node_id ID Node identifier. This number can be obtained by calling functions like img_add, txt_add or canvas_add.
2 degrees Number Number of degrees to rotate the object to.
3 anchor_x Number (Optional) Rotate around this X coordinate.
4 anchor_y Number (Optional) Rotate around this Y coordinate.
5 anchor_z Number (Optional) Rotate around this Z coordinate.
6 animation_type String (Optional) Can be 'OFF', 'LINEAR' or 'LOG'.
7 animation_speed Float (Optional) Animation speed. Between 1.0 (Fastest) and 0.0 (Slowest)
8 animation_direction String (Optional) Can be 'DIRECT', 'CW', 'CCW', 'FASTEST' or 'SLOWEST'. Default is 'DIRECT'.
The 'DIRECT' mode will use the absolute rotation value (so it you go from 0 to 720 it will make two full rotations). All others will use the relative position (from 0 720 won't do anything since they are the same angle).

Example (Simple)

-- Load and display text and images
myimage1 = img_add_fullscreen("myimage1.png")

-- Rotate myimage1 to 90 degrees
rotate(myimage1, 90)

-- This will also rotate the image to 90 degrees (450-360)
rotate(myimage1, 450)

Example (Animation)

-- Add an image
myimage1 = img_add_fullscreen("myimage1.png")

-- Enable animation
rotate(myimage1, 0, "LOG", 0.04)

-- Any rotation done at this point will be animated
rotate(myimage1, 90)