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opacity(node_id, opacity)
opacity(node_id, opacity, animation_type) (from AM/AP 4.0)
opacity(node_id, opacity, animation_type, animation_speed) (from AM/AP 4.0)

opacity is used to change the opacity of a node (opaque -> transparent). This can be an image, text, switch, button, dial, joystick, slider, map, scroll wheel or a group.

Return value

This function won't return a value.


# Argument Type Description
1 node_id ID Node identifier. This number can be obtained by calling functions like img_add or txt_add.
2 opacity Float Ranges from 0.0 (Transparant) to 1.0 (Opaque).
3 animation_type String (Optional) Can be 'OFF', 'LINEAR' or 'LOG'.
4 animation_speed Float (Optional) Animation speed. Between 1.0 (Fastest) and 0.0 (Slowest)

Example (Simple)

-- Load and display text and images
myimage1 = img_add_fullscreen("myimage1.png")

-- Images are fully opaque by default

-- Fully transparant
opacity(myimage1, 0.0)

-- And make it show again!
opacity(myimage1, 1.0)

-- 50% transparant
opacity(myimage1, 0.5)

Example (Animation)

-- Add an image
myimage1 = img_add_fullscreen("myimage1.png")

-- Enable animation
opacity(myimage1, 1.0, "LOG", 0.04)

-- Any opacity done at this point will be animated
opacity(myimage1, 0)