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nav_items = nav_get_nearest(nav_type, latitude, longitude, max_entries)  (up to AM/AP 3.7)
nav_get_nearest(nav_type, latitude, longitude, max_entries, callback) (from AM/AP 4.0)
nav_get_nearest(nav_type, latitude, longitude, max_entries, timeout, callback) (from AM/AP 4.0)

nav_get_nearest can be used to get the nearest NAV points, based on a given latitude and longitude.

Return value

This function won't return a value.


# Argument Type Description
1 nav_type String The NAV type to query, click here to see the NAV types page for all available types.
2 latitude Number The latitude to search from
3 longitude Number The longitude to search from
4 max_entries Integer Limit the number of returned NAV points.
5 timeout Number (Optional) Wait timeout in seconds. If data is not available within the timeout, the callback will be called without data. Default 1 second.
6 callback Function Callback function when data is fetched. This function is also called on error or timeout.


local function data_callback(airports)
  if airports ~= nil then
    -- Print the found airports to log
    for i=1, #airports do
      print("ID=" .. airports[i]["ID"] .. " name:" .. airports[i]["NAME"] .. " lon:" .. airports[i]["LONGITUDE"] .. " lat:" .. airports[i]["LATITUDE"])
    print("Error while querying nav data")

-- Find the nearest 10 Airports from a certain latitude and longitude
nav_get_nearest("AIRPORT", 52.222484, 5.483563, 10, data_callback)