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nav_item = nav_get(nav_type, nav_property, value) (up to AM/AP 3.7)
nav_get(nav_type, nav_property, value, callback) (from AM/AP 4.0)
nav_get(nav_type, nav_property, value, timeout, callback) (from AM/AP 4.0)

nav_get can be used to get NAV information from one of its NAV properties. This way AIRP, VOR, NDB and FIX navigation points can be queried.

Return value

This function won't return a value.


# Argument Type Description
1 nav_type String The NAV type to query, click here to see the NAV types page for all available types.
2 property_type String The property type to search for, see the NAV types list below.
3 value String The value of the NAV item to search for.
4 timeout Number (Optional) Wait timeout in seconds. If data is not available within the timeout, the callback will be called without data. Default 1 second.
5 callback Function Callback function when data is fetched. This function is also called on error or timeout.


local function data_callback(airports)
  if airports ~= nil then
    -- Print the found airports to log
    for i=1, #airports do
      print("ID:" .. airports[i]["ID"] .. " name:" .. airports[i]["NAME"] .. " lon:" .. airports[i]["LONGITUDE"] .. " lat:" .. airports[i]["LATITUDE"])
    print("Error while querying nav data")

-- We are looking for ENTO airport
nav_get("AIRPORT", "ICAO", "ENTO", data_callback)