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map_id = map_add(x,y,width,height,source,zoom)

map_add is used to add a map to your instrument. You can add any openstreetmap as a base layer for your map. Note that an internet connection is required as the base layer is fetched from the openstreetmap servers directly.

Return value

Argument Type Description
map_id ID This value can be used for further reference. Functions such as map_goto can use this map_id. Its good practice to store this map_id in your logic code.


# Argument Type Description
1 x Number This is the most left point of the canvas where your map should be shown.
2 y Number This is the most top point of the canvas where your map should be shown.
3 width Number The map width in pixels.
4 height Number The map height in pixels.
5 base_layer String The openstreetmap base layer to use. See available base layers below. Use 'nil' if you don't want any base layer at all.
6 zoom Number The openstreemap zoom level. This value can normally range from 1 (whole earth) to 16 (closest to earth). This value is dependent on the base layer source type defined above.

Base layers

Tag Name Zoom levels Example
OSM_STANDARD OpenStreetMaps map 1-17 Osm standard.png
OSM_CYCLE Cycle map 1-17 OpenStreetMap Cycle.png
OSM_TRANSPORT Transport map 1-17 Osm transport.png
OSM_HUMANITARIAN Humanitarian map 1-17 Osm humanitarian.png
OSM_STAMEN_TERRAIN Stamen Terrain 1-13 Osm stamen terrain.png


-- Place a map to your instrument using the openstreetmap cycle map and zoom level of 10
id = map_add(0,0,500,500,"OSM_CYCLE", 10)

-- Goto the beautiful city of Nijkerk, the Netherlands
map_goto(id, 52.222607, 5.485053)