Knobster DIY

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It is possible to create your own knobster using:

  • An Arduino Nano
  • A dual rotary encoder with push button
  • (Optional) some kind of housing

1. Preparing the Arduino Nano

Flash device window

You can flash the Arduino Nano from Air Manager 3.7 or higher for Windows:

  • Open up Air Manager
  • Go to the create/edit tab
  • Push the 'Flash' button in the ribbon bar
  • Select the Arduino Nano, and click 'Next'
  • Set the COM port of your Arduino Nano
  • Check the 'Flash as Knobster' option
  • Click 'Flash'

2. Connecting the rotary encoder to the Arduino Nano

There are fixed pins that should be connected to the appropriate rotary encoder pins.

Rotary encoder pin Arduino Nano pin
Inner encoder A D4
Inner encoder B D5
Outer encoder A D3
Outer encoder B D2
Push button D6