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An instrument usually consists of two or more images. These images are laid on top of each other, in a Z-order. The first image you will add to your code is in the back, the second one you add is on top of that, etc... The images can have transparent parts, so you can see what's behind it. For example an airspeed indicator needle on an airspeed indicator background.

The file format for these images must be PNG. To learn more about how to create these images, we have a little screencast about how to work with Skinman. Also see our Graphic design software page for more software options.

For this tutorial you will need to download this set of images. The zip file contains two images:

  • background.png - This is the airspeed indicator background
  • needle.png - This is the airspeed indicator needle with a transparent background

In the Create / edit lesson, you have created a blank instrument and you have learned how to access the resources folder. Both images from the zip file, have to be added to the resources folder of your tutorial instrument. When you have placed the images in the resources folder, it is time to continue to the next lesson.

This page is part of the Instrument Creation Tutorial.