Hw chr display set brightness

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hw_chr_display_set_brightness(hw_chr_display_id, brightness) (from AM/AP 4.1)
hw_chr_display_set_brightness(hw_chr_display_id, display, brightness)

hw_chr_display_set_brightness is used to set the brightness of a Hardware character display.

Info Only MAX7219 based character displays supports changing the brightness

Return value

This function won't return a value.


# Argument Type Description
1 hw_chr_display_id Object This is the reference to the character display output. You can get this reference from the hw_chr_display_add function.
2 display Number (Optional) The display where you wish to put the text. This only works with character display types that can be daisy chained. First display is 0.
3 brightness Number The brightness. Ranges from 0.0 (Off) to 1.0 (Full brightness).

Example (MAX7219)

-- Create MAX7219 based character display
display_chr_id = hw_chr_display_add("MAX7219", 1, "ARDUINO_MEGA2560_A_D4", "ARDUINO_MEGA2560_A_D5", "ARDUINO_MEGA2560_A_D6")

-- Set brightness of the first display to 50%
hw_chr_display_set_brightness(display_chr_id, 0, 0.5)

Example (TM1638)

-- Create TM1638 based character display
display_chr_id = hw_chr_display_add("TM1638", 8, "ARDUINO_MEGA2560_A_D4", "ARDUINO_MEGA2560_A_D5", "ARDUINO_MEGA2560_A_D6")

-- Set brightness to 50%
hw_chr_display_set_brightness(display_chr_id, 0.5)