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feature_available = has_feature(name)

has_feature can be used to check if the current version of Air Manager or Air Player supports the asked feature.

Return value

Argument Type Description
feature_available Boolean True if the feature is supported, false if it is not.


# Argument Type Description
1 name String The feature name.


Name Description
XPLANE X-plane functions
FSX FSX functions
FS2020 FS2020 functions
PREPAR3D Prepar3d functions
IIC Inter instrument communication functions
EXTERNAL_SOURCE External source functions
IMAGE Image functions
TEXT Text functions
BUTTON Button functions
SWITCH Switch functions
DIAL Dial functions
SLIDER Slider functions
SCROLL_WHEEL Scroll wheel functions
MAP Map functions
CANVAS Canvas functions
CANVAS_GRADIENT Canvas gradient functions
GROUP Group functions
INSTRUMENT Instrument functions
LAYER Layer functions
SOUND Sound functions
TIMER Timer functions
PERSISTENCE Persistence functions
USER_PROPERTY User property functions
STATIC_DATA Static data functions
HW_BUTTON Hardware button functions
HW_LED Hardware LED functions
HW_SWITCH Hardware switch functions
HW_DIAL Hardware dial functions
HW_DIGITAL_INPUT Hardware digital input functions
HW_DIGITAL_OUTPUT Hardware digital output functions
HW_PWM Hardware PWM functions
HW_CHR_DISPLAY Hardware character display functions
HW_BUTTON Hardware button functions
HW_STEPPER_MOTOR Hardware stepper motor functions
HW_MESSAGE_PORT Hardware message port functions
EVENT_SUBSCRIBE Event subscribe function
FI_GAUGE Flight Illusion gauge functions
FI_ENGINE_CLUSTER Flight Illusion engine cluster functions
INTERPOLATE_LINEAR Linear interpolate function
NODE_ANIMATIONS Node animation functions


if has_feature("TIMER") then
  timer_start(0, 100, function()
    print("timer callback")