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group_obj_add(group_id, gui_id, ...)

group_obj_add is used to add additional objects to an existing group. This can be an image, text, switch, button, dial, map or a group.

Return value

This function won't return a value.


# Argument Type Description
1 group_id String Group identifier. This can be obtained from the group_add function.
2 .. n gui_id String A reference to a gui object. This can be a button_id, switch_id, dial_id, image_id, txt_id or map_id.


-- Load and display text and images
myimage1 = img_add_fullscreen("myimage1.png")
myimage2 = img_add_fullscreen("myimage2.png")
myimage3 = img_add_fullscreen("myimage3.png")

-- Let's create a group from these three images
group_id = group_add(myimage1, myimage2, myimage3)

-- Let's remove two from the list
group_obj_remove(group_id, myimage2, myimage3)

-- And add one back again
group_obj_add(group_id, myimage3)