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fi_gauge_id = fi_gauge_add(address, type)

fi_gauge_add is used to add a flight illusion gauge. Every Flight Illusion gauge must have a certain address (1-255) and is of a certain type.

Return value

Argument Type Description
fi_gauge_id String This value can be used for further reference.


# Argument Type Description
1 address Number Unique gauge address. Ranges from 1-255, and can be configured by Flight Illusion tools.
2 type String Gauge type. See Flight Illusion Gauges for available gauges.


-- Gauge is on address 12
-- Gauge type is a Single Needle gauge
fi_gauge = fi_gauge_add(12, "SINGLE_NEEDLE")

-- Set the position of the first needle to the middle
fi_gauge_prop_set(fi_gauge, "NEEDLE_POS_1", 0.5)