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Air Manager has the option to connect to the ESP32 and send instrument scripts to it (hardware API only). You are able to use the ESP32 to drive LED's, Buttons, Switches, Rotary encoders etc. Once the ESP32 has been configured, it will run stand alone and connect to the flight simulator automatically.

Air Manager provides an installer that will flash your ESP32 to make it possible to communicate with Air Manager and the flight simulator, trough WiFi or Ethernet.

Info ESP32 support is still in beta. Please report any issues trough our support portal.
Espressif ESP32-DevKitC (ESP32-WROOM-32D), Olimex ESP32-POE and the Olimex ESP32-EVB are supported, other ESP32 models will not work.
The ESP32 is supported from Air Manager 3.7.
Example of board setup using WiFi

Flashing the ESP32

Connect your ESP32 board to your computer using USB. In Air Manager go to the Devices tab, press the Flash button, and choose the board you have.

In the Board settings window you will have to fill in various options, depending on your setup.

  • Com port Choose the com port your ESP32 board is connected to.
  • Ethernet Choose between either Ethernet or WiFi.
  • Wifi SSID When having chosen WiFi, fill in the name of your WiFi network.
  • Wifi password Fill in the password of your WiFi network. Click the Show checkbox to see your password.
  • Wifi security Choose the security type of your WiFi network, in general this is WPA2 PSK

When you have clicked Flash, Air Manager will start flashing your ESP32. Once this is done, press Close.

Configuring the ESP32

If everything went well, your ESP32 should show up in the Devices tab in Air Manager as Air Player hardware. Click it to start configuring your board. Your settings will automatically be saved.

  • Information Here you can give your board a name. This is particularly useful when working with more than one board.
  • Flight simulator connection Either let it connect to the simulator automatically or select the IP address and flight simulator.
  • Push instrument Pressing this button will bring up the list with all of your instruments. Find and select the instrument that you want to push to the ESP32 and press Select to push the instrument. Note that only the hardware API is supported.
Pushing an instrument from the Create/Edit tab

Pushing instruments

Pushing instruments can be done in two ways, from the Devices tab by selecting the ESP32, or from the Create/Edit tab by choosing your ESP32 from the device drop down list.