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This page lists all the available types of communication stations. Types are returned as a string. For example TWR would be a tower frequency.

Type Description
ACC Area Control Center
ACP Airlift Command Post
AIR Air to Air
APP Approach Control
ARR Arrival Control
ASO Automatic Surface Oserving System (ASOS)
ATI Automatic Terminal Information Services (ATIS)
AWI Airport Weather Information Broadcast (AWIB)
AWO Airport Weather Observing Service (AWOS)
AWS Aerodrome Weather Information Service (AWIS)
CLD Clearance Delivery
CPT Clearance, Pre-Taxi
CTA Control Area (Terminal)
CTL Control
DEP Departure Control
DIR Director (Approach Control Radar)
EFS Enroute Flight Advisory Service (EFAS)
EMR Emergency
FSS Flight Service Station
GCO Ground Comm Outlet
GND Ground Control
GET Gate Control
HEL Helicopter Frequency
INF Information
MIL Military Frequency
MUL Multicom
OPS Operations
PAL Pilot Activated Lighting
RDO Radio
RDR Radar
RFS Remote Flight Service Station (RFSS)
RMP Ramp/Taxi Control
RSA Airport Radar Service Area (ARSA)
TCA Terminal Control Area (TCA)
TMA Terminal Control Area (TMA)
TML Terminal
TRS Terminal Radar Service Area (TRSA)
TWE Transcriber Weather Broadcast (TWEB
TWR Tower, Air Traffic Control
UAC Upper Area Control
UNI Unicom
VOL Volmet