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canvas_id = canvas_add(x, y, width, height, draw_callback)

canvas_add is used to create a canvas that allows to draw dynamic shapes like lines, rectangles, circles etc. in your instrument.

Return value

Argument Type Description
canvas_id ID This value can be used for further reference.


# Argument Type Description
1 x Number This is the most left point of the canvas.
2 y Number This is the most top point of the canvas.
3 width Number The canvas width in pixels.
4 height Number The canvas height in pixels.
5 draw_callback Function (Optional) This function will be called on a redraw of the canvas. It should contain the individual draw functions like _line_to, _arc, etc. The initial width and height of the canvas are provided to the callback function (from AM/AP 4.0).

Example (Static circle)

circle_id = canvas_add(0, 0, 200, 200, function()
  -- Create full circle with center 100,100 and radius 100 px
  _circle(100, 100, 100)
Output of code above

Example (Static rectangle)

rectangle_id = canvas_add(0, 0, 200, 200, function()
  -- Create full rectangle
  -- x = 50
  -- y = 50
  -- width = 150
  -- height = 150
Output of code above

Example (Dynamic draw based on flight simulator data)

canvas_id = canvas_add(0, 0, 200, 200)

function callback(altitude, speed)
  -- Data from flight simulator has changed

  -- Let's redraw the canvas based on the new data
  canvas_draw(canvas_id, function()
    -- Set initial position
    _move_to(200, 100)
    -- Draw a line
    if altitude > 100 then
      _line_to(200, 200)
      _line_to(190, 190)
    _stroke("red", 2)

xpl_dataref_subscribe("ALTITUDE_DATAREF", "INT",
                      "SPEED_DATAREF", "INT", callback)