Air Player 3.x Raspberry Pi Manual

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Air Player is a very small lightweight application with one purpose: Run instrument panels.

You can use Air Manager to configure Air Player. Once configured, Air Player can operate completely on it's own. This page will explain how to use Air Player.

For information on how to install Air Player, please go here.

If you are looking for the release notes for Air Player, go here.

Start Air Player

Air Player will automatically start once you start up your Raspberry Pi.

Configure Air Player

You can use Air Manager to configure Air Player. Please see the Air Manager User Manual here for more information on how to configure Air Player.

Close Air Player

You can shutdown both Air Player and the complete Raspberry Pi from Air Manager. See here for more information.

Automatic update

Air Player will automatically update itself once you boot up your Raspberry Pi. Note that an internet connection is required for this feature to work.