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  • ADD: Support for RealSimGear devices
  • ADD: Device plugins
  • ADD: Focussable options added for panels.
  • ADD: Video stream API (video_stream_add, only for X-plane)
  • ADD: New account window
  • IMP: Faster bootup time
  • IMP: Arduino flashing now also possible on Linux and Mac
  • IMP: Multiple improvements to code editor
  • IMP: Create/edit now has groups which allows better organisation of plugins
  • IMP: Create/edit now allows to start the same plugin more then once at a time
  • IMP: User properties, subscriptions etc. are now correctly synced with Air Player
  • IMP: Improved security in communication between Air Manager and the webserver


  • ADD: Splitter positions in home and create/edit tabs are persisted between sessions
  • ADD: Support for TM1637 and TM1638 character display chips
  • ADD: Various new Flight Illusion gauges
  • IMP: Better Arduino memory management so it is possible to make more hardware combinations
  • IMP: MAX7219 stability improved (stable up to 4 displays in one chain)
  • IMP: Sound on windows now in stereo instead mono and is using both channels
  • IMP: Sound API now also supports MP3 files (sound_add)
  • IMP: A combo box to filter on flight simulator has been added when adding an instrument, panel or hardware function
  • IMP: Move to new Java 16 runtime (was Java 8)
  • IMP: Reduced application size by minimizing required java runtime
  • IMP: On windows, the application and setup files are now digitally signed and recognized my Microsoft
  • FIX: Fixed bug in rotate animation function
  • FIX: Game controllers API will now expose rudder pedal axis correctly
  • FIX: It is now possible again to set a custom panel background for Air Player panels
  • FIX: User properties are now initialized correctly when adding a panel to Air Player
  • FIX: Fixed issue where messages message port messages would get duplicated when connected from multiple instruments


  • ADD: Support for FS2020
  • ADD: Support for hardware functions (Add hardware without lua coding. Same as instruments, solely aimed at hardware)
  • ADD: Support for Raspberry Pico
  • ADD: New navigation system (see nav_get, nav_get_nearest and nav_get_radius)
  • ADD: Game controller API (see game_controller_list and game_controller_add)
  • IMP: COM ports are not continuously opened and closed, previously connected Arduino's are stored between sessions
  • IMP: Improved windows to add instruments and panels (All available instruments and panels are now visible, you don't have to download the instrument/panel anymore before hand)
  • IMP: Animation features are added to move, rotate and opacity functions.
  • IMP: Multiple improvements to the code editor
  • FIX: Named message port now works


  • ADD: Italian language
  • ADD: Support for Flight Illusion gauges
  • ADD: Support for ESP32 microcontroller boards
  • ADD: Flashing Arduino's or ESP32' boards can now be done within Air Manager (devices tab)
  • ADD: New interpolate_linear function
  • ADD: Two new user property types (user_prop_add_percentage and user_prop_add_table)
  • ADD: Added log function to write messages to Air Manager or Air Player log file
  • ADD: Support for Raspberry Pi 4 (only first HDMI port, no mouse support)
  • IMP: Ability to use CTRL+arrow to order panels
  • IMP: Code search in create/edit is now case insensitive
  • FIX: Panel ordering issue when creating a blank panel
  • FIX: Pressing DEL key on tabs other then the device/edit tab could still trigger a instrument/panel deletion from disk
  • FIX: Using touch in combination with the slider now works (Boeing overhead panel)
  • FIX: Fixed issue with hw_switch_get_position not returning the correct value
  • FIX: Uninstaller now removes exactly the files it created, instead of wiping the complete installation folder (Windows)
  • FIX: Various smaller issues and crashes resolved


  • ADD: Dark theme
  • ADD: Welcome window
  • ADD: Import window when importing Siff files
  • ADD: Comment/uncomment shortcut in code editor
  • ADD: Additional functions checking if the flight simulator is connected (xpl_connected, fsx_connected, p3d_connected and fs2_connected).
  • ADD: event_subscribe function that fires when a flight simulator connected changes, or when the instrument or panel is about to be closed
  • IMP: Persistence API now accept any lua type, including tables and arrays.
  • IMP: Various improvements to the GUI
  • IMP: Support for CSV files without a header
  • IMP: Added way to remove premium panel from online tab
  • IMP: You can now daisy chain up to 8 MAX7219 devices instead of 4
  • FIX: Cursor was not showing up when using Metal on a mac


  • ADD: DirectX rendering
  • ADD: Metal rendering
  • ADD: Added German, French, Spanish and Dutch languages
  • ADD: _fill_img, _txt and _rotate functions to canvas
  • ADD: Static data function static_data_load (static data from JSON, CSV or Text files)
  • ADD: Ability to develop panels (works the same as instruments)
  • ADD: Add layers to panels with layer_add
  • ADD: Ability to remove images from an instrument during execution
  • ADD: Window click thru (only on Windows with DirectX rendering enabled)
  • ADD: Support for Arduino Leonardo and Micro
  • ADD: Support for named hardware
  • ADD: Style argument to img_add
  • ADD: Hardware stepper motor support (hw_stepper_motor_add)
  • ADD: Support for HD44780 and direct character driving. (hw_chr_display_add)
  • ADD: New function has_feature to check if AM/AP has a certain feature implemented.
  • ADD: hw_connected function where it is possible if a hw_id or hw_node is connected to hardware.
  • ADD: Addition of a headless mode, where a panel can be started without a window
  • ADD: Ability to change input mode for panels
  • ADD: Optional pressed and released callbacks for dial, slider, scroll wheel and switch
  • ADD: Code editor
  • ADD: Debugger
  • IMP: Dynamic scan of monitors
  • IMP: Additional PWM pins for Arduino devices
  • IMP: Timer has been improved (count argument in callback, and the ability to run a limited number of times, see timer_start)
  • IMP: Debouncing on hardware switches
  • IMP: More reliable connection with flight simulator (can better recover from UDP packet drop)
  • IMP: OpenJDK is now bundled with Air Manager. (no need to install java on the system)
  • IMP: valign style added to text nodes (txt_add)
  • FIX: Issue where panel shimmers through to desktop
  • FIX: Aircraft switching would crash when enabled
  • FIX: Button click spot now moves with button (when issuing move)
  • FIX: Mouse cursor is now applied when starting scroll wheel grab
  • FIX: hw_adc_input_read would return raw value instead in 0.0-1.0 range


  • ADD: Now also runs on the Mac!
  • ADD: Now also runs on Linux (as BETA)!
  • ADD: Create/edit tab now also shows hardware functions within the lua code
  • ADD: Support for the Knobster
  • ADD: switch_get_position and hw_switch_get_position functions
  • ADD: Support for downloading log files from connected Air Player's
  • ADD: Air Player version information can now be seen in Air Manager
  • ADD: Encoder type can now be chosen for hw_dial_add
  • IMP: Instruments can now be moved up and down within a panel list
  • IMP: User properties are now sorted the way the developer intended in the lua script
  • IMP: Improved create/edit tab.
  • IMP: move function now also works on the map
  • IMP: NAV data can now be fetched by multiple threads at once (making the map load faster on multi core systems)
  • IMP: Both running_txt_add_cir and running_img_add_cir now have an option to specify different horizontal and vertical radii
  • Fix: Possible crash when (re)starting instrument multiple times from create/edit tab
  • Fix: Mouse events not working when running with multiple panels on different monitors
  • Fix: Recursive copying of resources when cloning an instrument
  • Fix: (Hotfix) Fixed issue where a MAX7219 character display could freeze up Arduino communication
  • Fix: (Hotfix) Possible crash when newer Air Player devices would connect
  • Fix: (Hotfix) Fixed issue with writing X-plane datarefs that have an offset


  • ADD: Canvas added to instrument API, making it possible to draw lines, rectangles, circles etc. within your instrument.
  • ADD: With the new opacity function in the instrument API, you can make text, image etc. transparent
  • ADD: xpl_command_subscribe makes it possible to subscribe to X-plane commands
  • IMP: Text can now be rotated
  • IMP: rotate function now also accepts a custom anchor point to rotate around
  • IMP: Context menu's added to panel, create/edit and devices tab (right click on item in the list)
  • IMP: Less CPU time is required because of optimisation in lua handling
  • IMP: Multiple smaller improvements and bug fixes


  • ADD: Compatibility with Arduino Nano
  • IMP: Improved shader compatibility across video cards
  • FIX: Possible crash during insrument updating
  • FIX: (Hotfix) Fixed crash after shutting down Air Player in devices tab


  • ADD: Way to send messages between Air Manager/Air Player and custom Arduino Sketch
  • IMP: Compatibility with openGL 2.0 graphics cards
  • FIX: Issue when user name has non-ASCII signs
  • FIX: Issues when importing AM 2.0 data
  • FIX: Online user name and password are now stored correctly
  • FIX: Many other smaller improvements and bug fixes


  • ADD: OpenGL rendering system (performance improved 2-3x)
  • ADD: Support for Arduino MEGA 2560 and Arduino Uno
  • ADD: Automatic connection to the flight simulator on the network (no need to configure IP address)
  • ADD: Ability to push instruments and panels to Air Player applications running on Raspberry PI and desktop systems
  • ADD: Ability to develop and test instruments on external devices running Air Player
  • ADD: Instruments can now have user customizable properties (using API functions user_prop_add_integer, user_prop_add_string, user_prop_get, etc etc)
  • ADD: Ability to buy & download ready made panels
  • ADD: Licensing system
  • IMP: Panels will now run in a single window instead of having multiple separate windows for each instrument
  • IMP: Online tab had be redone, making for a more organized view
  • IMP: API functions are more closely evaluated, making it easier to spot errors in instrument lua code


  • ADD: Copy data from Viewer to clipboard
  • IMP: Delete aircraft from the Aircraft Switching list by selecting and pressing delete on your keyboard
  • FIX: Disappearing instrument(s) bug solved
  • FIX: Now you also get a warning box when you remove a panel with the delete key on the keyboard
  • FIX: Linux was by mistake the demo version


  • ADD: Import panels and instruments
  • ADD: Submit panel layout
  • ADD: Export instruments
  • ADD: Add a subscription to the (data) viewer
  • ADD: Fetch all available LVAR's
  • ADD: 2.1.2 Demo and Professional version
  • ADD: External data source in the Professional version
  • IMP: Instrument tab is now a panel tab, making it possible to run multiple panels at the same time
  • IMP: Larger preview image size in Online tab
  • IMP: Better compatibility with FSX (SE) and Prepar3D
  • IMP: geo_rotate function now initializes at 0 degrees rather than 90 degrees
  • FIX: Wrong folder path when submitting an instrument from Mac OSX
  • FIX: Some bugs in FSX / P3D events
  • FIX: Null pointer exception with pre-scaling turned on and having nil as image size
  • FIX: var_format didn't work with negative values
  • FIX: 2.1.1 X-Plane plugin didn't work with Linux


  • ADD: You can now automatically submit your instrument from the create/edit tab
  • ADD: Instrument size can now be adjusted from the create/tab
  • ADD: Function resource_info can now be used to gather information about the available resources.
  • ADD: Data viewer added to the 'Create/Edit' tab, which let's the user see all subscribed data fields of the simulator.
  • ADD: Support for PMDG specific variables and events, for the 737NGX aircraft.
  • IMP: Addition of STRING subscription type, which callback argument type is a string. BYTE type callback will now return a list of bytes instead of a string.
  • IMP: When providing nil as width or height when using function img_add will result in the width and height the the PNG image being used.
  • IMP: Function xpl_dataref_write now has an optional argument to force a data ref. This means that the data ref will be written every sim frame.
  • IMP: New method of downloading instruments. Instruments are now downloaded as a zipfile, and through HTTPS instead of FTP.
  • FIX: Issue where Air Manager would freeze up when clicking one of the combo boxes on Windows 10.
  • FIX: Bug in running text fixed, while in circular mode
  • FIX: Automatic panel switching for Prepar3D
  • FIX: AM commands now keep working when reconnecting to the Flight simulator


  • ADD: Touch controls
  • ADD: Instruments have the ability to persist data (persist_add, persist_put and persist_get)
  • ADD: Inter-instrument communication, instruments can communicate with each other by sending variables and commands
  • ADD: Ability to clone a group
  • ADD: Air Manager stores logfiles in the user folder for easier troubleshooting.
  • ADD: instrument_prop function added, used to get instrument configuration, like height, width, aircraft, author etc. etc.
  • ADD: group_obj_add and group_obj_remove functions added, to add of remove objects from an existing group
  • ADD: mouse_setting function added, to replace existing cursor functions
  • IMP: GUI slightly improved (spacings here and there)
  • IMP: Made compatible with older versions of Java 8 (this is very convenient on the Raspberry Pi Weezy distribution, which comes with an older version packed in)
  • IMP: FSX/Prepar3D plugin now won't quit automatically on change aircraft. System is build which will prevent the plugin to be started more then once.
  • IMP: Air Manager now throws an error message box when trying to a BOOL type when using X-plane
  • FIX: Two memory issues in the X-plane plugin fixed, which could crash X-plane
  • FIX: When retrying to connect to the online store you would get a double amount of instruments
  • FIX: FSX plugin did not correctly sent Integer values to Air Manager
  • FIX: Air Manager now saves configuration in UTF-16 mode, which will allow for more 'special' characters to be saved
  • FIX: viewport_rect function was not working on a running text or running image
  • FIX: Out of bound exception, which can accour when a BOOL type is being subscribed using X-plane


  • ADD: Second callback function for the button (button_add), one when the button is pressed, and another when the mouse is released.
  • ADD: Simulator configuration item (needed to filter out data from other flight simulators)
  • IMP: Cleaned up user interaction when using Air Manager offline (no message boxes when no internet connection is available)
  • IMP: X-plane can handle multiple commands in succession
  • FIX: Fixed internal problem with the dial_click_rotate function, where Air Manager would not rotate the dial correctly
  • FIX: Fixed memory leak, caused when switching instruments
  • FIX: Fixed problem where configuration would not be written correctly (Air Manager would start up with clean configuration)


  • ADD: Support for Microsoft Flight simulator and Prepar3D
  • ADD: Grouping of instruments
  • ADD: Automatic switching of groups when changing aircraft in the flight simulator
  • ADD: Ability to customize switch, button and dial cursors (switch_set_cursor, button_set_cursor and dial_set_cursor)
  • ADD: Function to automatically rotate dial picture, using function dial_click_rotate
  • ADD: Always on top setting for each instrument
  • IMP: Made compatible with Java 8
  • IMP: Total GUI makeover, including allot of handy new features, like multiselecting, sorting and filtering of instruments
  • IMP: Setting the option to auto start instruments on boot, will minimize the main Air Manager window
  • IMP: Faster online instrument loading (all instruments will be fetched in one go, instead of one at a time)
  • FIX: Fixed sound handling, which could crash Air Manager


  • ADD: Aspect ratio checkbox option added for each instrument.
  • FIX: txt_style function was not working corretly, where it would simply do nothing.
  • FIX: Online store filter now also applies to instruments still being loaded.
  • FIX: Sorting the table on the first tab would get the instrument's getting all messed up. Sorting is disabled.


  • ADD: Task bar with common used links
  • ADD: FPS meter
  • ADD: Ability to set switch state from logic code (switch_set_state)
  • ADD: visible, viewport_rect and move functions are added to the API, and can be used on all commonly used GUI elements (such as images, text objects, maps etc)
  • IMP: Changed the way that switches change state (this can now only be done using the switch_set_state function)
  • IMP: More efficient communication between Air plugin and Air Manager
  • IMP: Improved GPU memory measurement, meaning Air manager has a smaller GPU memory footprint
  • FIX: Fixed issue where Air manager would crash X-plane on command write


  • ADD: Ability to add Buttons (button_add), Switches (switch_add) and Dials (dial_add) to your instrument
  • ADD: Ability to write X-plane datarefs (xpl_dataref_write)
  • ADD: Ability to send X-plane commands (xpl_command)
  • ADD: Grouping of graphical objects (group_add)
  • IMP: Performance upgrade. Most notable when using Air Manager on a remote Computer
  • FIX: Better handling of custom X-plane data refs
  • FIX: Fixed issue where the Air manager plugin would crash X-plane on exit


  • ADD: map_baselayer function. You can now change the OSM baselayer runtime
  • IMP: Fixed couple of small typos in the GUI
  • FIX: Update button staying visible in online tab
  • FIX: Incorrect rendering of map text layer when making a big leap in position
  • FIX: Incorrect handling of initial configuration file. Most notable on linux.


  • FIX: Render problem with 'txt_set' function fixed


  • ADD: Support for moving maps (based on OpenStreetMaps)
  • ADD: Instrument snapping
  • ADD: Debug console in create tab
  • ADD: Support for linux (32 and 64 bit)
  • IMP: Support for mac 32 bit
  • IMP: Support for X-plane 9
  • IMP: Multiple GUI improvements
  • IMP: Better dataref array handling (dataref array's are initialized as array's with all 0's)
  • FIX: Memoryleak where AM would crash when restarting an instrument multiple times
  • FIX: Instrument add window layout fixed (GUI components would overlap each other)


  • Initial release