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Is there or will there be an Android app?

There isn't at the moment, but there will be in the future. When we cannot say, as we're very busy with a lot of other things.


I have installed everything correctly, but the instruments aren't responding.

Air Manager V2 requires you to choose which flight simulator software you are using. Go to the Air Manager settings tab to see if the correct flight simulator is selected. Also be sure to check if the instrument(s) you are using are suited for your flight simulator. Some instruments are only suited for X-Plane, and not for FSX/3D, or vice versa.

I am sure that everything is installed and set correctly, but Air Manager still doens't work with Microsoft FSX

We noticed that some people haven't installed all the service packs. For Air Manager to work with FSX, you will need to have service pack 2 installed. You need to install service pack 1 before you install service pack 2. Service pack 1 can be downloaded here and service pack 2 can be downloaded here.

Can I use my instruments within the aircraft in the simulator?

No. Air Manager is a stand-alone application, instruments are not integrated into the simulator panel.

How many copies of Air Manager can I install?

The licenses are limited to one computer. This means that every device need's its own Air Manager or Air Player license.

FSX or Prepar3D pauses when I click on an instrument

This is caused by a setting in FSX or Prepar3D, check this video on how to prevent it from happening with FSX. In Prepar3D you can find this checkbox with all the other settings.

Is there or will there be a GPS?

No there isn't at the moment, and yes there will be in the future. Late 2017 / beginning 2018, we will start developing navigational features.


Do I also get the desktop software when I buy the iPad app?

Nope sorry. The desktop and iPad software are separate software packages, they do share the same plugin.

Can I have multiple iPad's running Air Manager?

Yes you can, there's no limit. You can also run the desktop application (if you have it) together with the iPad(s).

Can I create my own instruments with or for the iPad app?

Nope. Apple is very protective when it comes to file system access. We will try to make it possible later on, but for now it's to difficult.

Flight simulator Plugins

The plugin installer for Windows crashes when I run it.

Make sure you have at least .Net 4.5 installed. You can download it here.

I have everything setup up right for a remote connection, but I don't see the gauges move.

Firewalls sometimes do more harm than good. Try disabling the firewall temporarily and see if Air Manager works. If it does, add your sim as an exception to the firewall.

Are you going to make a plugin for Dovetail Games Flight Sim World?

Dovetail Games does not supply the tools necessary to create a plugin, we will have to wait for them to make those available.

Are you going to make a plugin for Aerofly FS 2?

Yes, this is on our to-do list. It will be implemented into one of our 3.x versions.

Is there a plugin for DCS World or will there be one in the future?

Who knows... But as long as DCS World does not have good plugin system, we can't support it. We know about the Lua plugin system that some fans have build, but this is not something we can support. We need official support from DCS.