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Both Air Manager & Air Player have support for multiple Raspberry Pi Pico devices.
You are able to use Air Manager or Air Player to drive LED's, Buttons, Switches, Rotary encoders etc. through the Pico.

Within Air Manager you will find the installer that will flash your Pico, to make it possible to communicate with Air Manager or Air Player automatically using an USB connection.

Info The Raspberry Pi Pico is supported from Air Manager 4.0 and up.

Prepare your Raspberry Pi Pico

1. Start Air Manager, and go to the Home tab.
2. Click the Flash button on the top ribbon bar.
3. Select the Raspberry Pi Pico.
4. Unplug the USB cable from your Pico.
5. Press and hold the BOOTSEL button and plug in the USB cable.
6. It should show up as RPI-RP2 or similar, select this drive.
7. Select the channel. Each Pico should have a unique channel assigned to it.
8. Click Flash and wait until the installer is done.
9. The Pico will show up among your devices and is ready to be used.

Use the hardware API to interact with your Pico. Go to our Hardware API page to learn more.

Message Port Library

See the Arduino Message Port Library description for guidance.