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Some of our instruments are so called 'overlays', which require you to pop out instruments from the flight simulator, like a G1000 or GTN750. Pop out windows from the simulator are only available on the simulator device itself, which means that our overlay instruments have to be used on that same device as well. So no pop outs on tablet versions of our software or Raspberry Pi.

Info Most but not all glass cockpit displays can be turned into a pop out window.

How pop outs work

Certain GPS devices, like the G1000, can be popped out or undocked as you will, in both X-Plane and FS2020. They open in their own window, which can be dragged to a certain screen and placed behind an Air Manager overlay. This allows you to easily control all buttons and dials by touch, Knobster, or mouse. The pop out window is placed behind the overlay, which means that the background of your panel has to be made transparent. This can be combined with a panel background image, that has cut-outs at the right location. You will have to make these background images yourself, or in case you want to use it with a Cessna 172, use the Cessna 172 premium panel with the G1000 layout, which comes with a premade background image with cut-outs. For more details on how to set up these pop outs, we advise you to carefully follow the instructions in the videos below.

Pop outs are available in X-Plane and Microsoft FS2020. Below you will find a short description and several videos.


X-Plane comes with a couple of GPS devices that can be popped out and converted into a draggable window, this being the G1000, GNS530 and GNS430. Also the RealityXP devices can be turned into a separate window that can be dragged to a certain location. Once you have this set up, the pop out will open at that exact same location for each time you start the simulator with that specific aircraft.

How to pop out a GPS device:

  • Click the screen of the GPS device in the simulator.
  • This will bring it up as a bigger 2D screen in the simulator.
  • Hovering over the top part of this 2D window, it will show a red dot on the left and two squares on the right.
  • Press these two squares and it will turn into a window that can be dragged to any place on the desktop.


FS2020 comes with a couple of GPS devices that can be popped out and converted into a draggable window, for example the G1000 and GNS530. A big downside of the FS2020 pop outs is that they have to be set up for each flight, this is a limitation FS2020. This process can be made a little bit easier with FancyZones, which is a part of Microsoft Windows PowerToys, or a community tool called MSFS Pop Out Panel Manager, which is available on Github.

How to pop out a GPS device:

  • Press and hold down the right ALT key on your keyboard.
  • With your mouse hover over any digital screen and a magnifying glass with plus sign will show up.
  • Click your left mouse button when this icon shows up and the screen will pop out. You can drag this window to anywhere you like.