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KnobFS lets you use the Knobster within Microsoft Flight Simulator, both in normal mode and VR mode.

Info KnobFS is only compatible with the Knobster V2 in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. This means that it is not compatible with the old and the DIY Knobster.



    The KnobFS menu within MSFS
    KnobFS settings window

    1. Run the KnobFS installer.
    2. Start Microsoft Flight Simulator and once the aircraft is loaded you will see the KnobFS icon in the menu bar. Click the icon to open KnobFS.
    3. When in VR mode, you can position the KnobFS window to a convenient place in your cockpit with your VR controller.

    User manual

    Control modes

    KnobFS comes with a list of pre-defined modes. These modes can be turned on and off from the KnobFS settings tab.
    In the KnobFS window click the sprocket/settings icon, this brings you to the settings tab, which allows you to turn modes on and off. These settings are stored uniquely for each different aircraft you fly.

    Each mode triggers different Microsoft Flight Simulator events. Two examples:

    Autopilot heading
    Outer dial: Autopilot heading up / down
    Inner dial: Autopilot heading up / down
    Button: Sync autopilot heading
    COM1 frequency
    Outer dial: COM1 frequency coarse up / down
    Inner dial: COM1 frequency fine up / down
    Button: COM1 standby flip

    Active mode

    The active mode is visible within the blue box.

    Selecting a mode

    Selecting a mode can either be done by pointing and clicking with your mouse or VR controller, or by pressing and holding the Knobster button for half a second. When pressing and holding the Knobster button for half a second, KnobFS will go into selection mode, indicated by a green box. When in selection mode, both the inner and outer dial can be used to scroll through the list. Pressing the Knobster button again will select the mode in the green box.

    Advanced usage

    Info Adding or modifying a mode requires the KnobFS (Windows) service to be stopped and started.

    You can create your own mode with a little JSON script. This allows for commands for custom add-on aircraft for example.

    Navigate to C:\Program Files\KnobFS\modes
    There you will see all the available modes within a JSON file. These JSON files can be opened with a code editor like Notepad++.
    Events can be found on either the official Microsoft SDK website, or the Mobiflight Hubhop project website.

    Regular (K/keyboard) events require >K: in front of the event name.

        "name": "COM1 frequency",
        "minor_cw_code": "(>K:COM_RADIO_FRACT_INC)",
        "minor_ccw_code": "(>K:COM_RADIO_FRACT_DEC)",
        "major_cw_code": "(>K:COM_RADIO_WHOLE_INC)",
        "major_ccw_code": "(>K:COM_RADIO_WHOLE_DEC)",
        "button_released_code": "(>K:COM1_RADIO_SWAP)",
        "order": 301000

    The H events require >H: in front of the event name.

        "name": "Garmin G1000 PFD FMS",
        "minor_cw_code": "(>H:AS1000_PFD_FMS_Upper_INC)",
        "minor_ccw_code": "(>H:AS1000_PFD_FMS_Upper_DEC)",
        "major_cw_code": "(>H:AS1000_PFD_FMS_Lower_INC)",
        "major_ccw_code": "(>H:AS1000_PFD_FMS_Lower_DEC)",
        "button_released_code": "(>H:AS1000_PFD_FMS_Upper_PUSH)",
        "order": 501108

    KnobFS uses the so called 'executer code'. This allows you to perform more complicated actions if required.

        "name": "Garmin G1000 AP altitude",
        "minor_cw_code": "(A:AUTOPILOT ALTITUDE LOCK VAR, feet) 100 + (>K:AP_ALT_VAR_SET_ENGLISH) (>H:AP_KNOB_Up)",
        "minor_ccw_code": "(A:AUTOPILOT ALTITUDE LOCK VAR, feet) 100 - (>K:AP_ALT_VAR_SET_ENGLISH) (>H:AP_KNOB_Up)",
        "major_cw_code": "(A:AUTOPILOT ALTITUDE LOCK VAR, feet) 1000 + (>K:AP_ALT_VAR_SET_ENGLISH) (>H:AP_KNOB_Up)",
        "major_ccw_code": "(A:AUTOPILOT ALTITUDE LOCK VAR, feet) 1000 - (>K:AP_ALT_VAR_SET_ENGLISH) (>H:AP_KNOB_Up)",
        "button_released_code": "(A:INDICATED ALTITUDE, feet) (>K:AP_ALT_VAR_SET_ENGLISH) (>H:AP_KNOB)",
        "order": 501109

    Create a new JSON file based on the same structure to create your own mode, and fill in your desired MSFS events.

    name                      The mode name that will show up within the KnobFS window
    minor_cw_code             Inner dial clockwise code
    minor_ccw_code            Inner dial counter clockwise code
    major_cw_code             Outer dial clockwise code
    major_ccw_code            Outer dial counter clockwise code
    order                     This number determines in which position the mode will show up in the list, the lower the number the higher in the list
    button_released_code      Button event
    minor_acceleration        Inner dial acceleration, 1 is no acceleration (optional)
    major_acceleration        Outer dial acceleration, 1 is no acceleration (optional)