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Air Manager and Air Player allow you to utilize Arduino's or Raspberry Pi's as hardware input/output. We will explain the most common possibilities with an example. The examples consists of a wiring diagram and a small example script. You can take these examples as a starting point to create your own project. We will gladly explain you more. If you think that something is missing, then please let us know through our forums and we will consider writing a how-to for your question.

Remember that in all cases you are responsible for any damage that might occur. Sim Innovations can not be hold liable for any damage. Creating a shortcircuit for example can damage or even destroy your Raspberry Pi or Arduino. Always be careful and read all instructions before taking actions. It's better to check twice than seeing your hardware going up in smoke. To measure is to know!

General knowledge


Info These examples use named hardware, this requires at least Air Manager 3.5.


How to connect buttons and send data to the simulator. Buttons can be used to build a CDU keyboard, starter push-button, etc...


How to connect a switch to the simulator. Switches can be used to build an overhead panel, gear switches, starter switches, etc...
Rotary encoders


How to connect a rotary encoder to the simulator. Encoders can be used for the altimeter setting, radio frequencies, etc...


How to connect an LED and control the brightness. LED's can be used to build an annunciator panel, gear indicator lights, etc...


How to connect potentiometers and send data to the simulator. Potentiometers can be used to build a throttle quadrant, panel lighting dial, etc...
Stepper motors

Stepper motor example.png

How to connect stepper motors and set their position. Stepper motors can be used to create for example a trim wheel, vertical speed indicator, heading indicator, etc...
Character displays


How to connect character displays and set their text or digits. Character displays can be used to create for example a COM/NAV radio, autopilot, etc...
Servo motors

Servo motor example.png

How to connect a servo motor and control its position. Servo motors can be used to control needles, moving platforms, etc...