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I have installed everything correctly, but the instruments aren't responding.

If you're experiencing problems with connecting to your simulator software then please read this page carefully.

I am sure that everything is installed and set correctly, but Air Manager still doens't work with Microsoft FSX

We noticed that some people haven't installed all the service packs. For Air Manager to work with FSX, you will need to have service pack 2 installed. You need to install service pack 1 before you install service pack 2. Service pack 1 can be downloaded here and service pack 2 can be downloaded here.

Can I use my instruments within the aircraft in the simulator?

No. Air Manager is a stand-alone application, instruments are not integrated into the simulator panel.

How many copies of Air Manager can I install?

The licenses are limited to one computer. This means that every device need's its own Air Manager or Air Player license.

FSX or Prepar3D pauses when I click on an instrument

This is caused by a setting in FSX or Prepar3D, check this video on how to prevent it from happening with FSX. In Prepar3D you can find this checkbox with all the other settings.

Is there or will there be a GPS?

No there isn't at the moment, and yes there will be in the future. Late 2020 / beginning 2021, we will start developing navigational features.

How can I reset / deactivate my license and transfer it to another computer?

Your license is connected to the hardware ID of your computer. You are entitled to 3 resets per license.

Open Air Manager
In the top menu go to Air Manager -> Orders
In the orders window you will be able to reset your license(s)

Does Air Manager work with / is compatible with my Logitech/Saitek hardware

Both Air Manager and the Saitek hardware are receiving from and sending their data to the sim, there is no direct link between Air Manager and the Saitek hardware. E.g. changing a frequency in Air Manager will show on the Saitek hardware, and visa versa.

I'm using Microsoft Windows 7 and my Knobster is not recognized

Older versions of Windows 7 are missing necessary USB drivers. You can download these here.

Touch inputs are registering on the wrong monitor in Windows

You will have to set the correct monitor as touch monitor.

1. Go to Search / Cortana
2. Search for "Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input"
3. Click "Setup..."
4. Hit the "Enter" key until you see the instructions appear on your touch monitor. 
5. Touch this screen to confirm and you're done.

Air Manager is showing the wrong display resolution in Microsoft Windows

This is because not all your monitors are set to 100% scaling. Check out this page to learn more about scaling.

How to create a back up

On Microsoft Windows, all instruments and configurations are stored in the Air Manager folder in C:/users/your username/
When you want to move the installation to a new computer, you will have to copy this Air Manager folder to the new computer.
See this page for information on how to reset your license. Please be sure to follow each and every step carefully.

Where is or when do I get my license key

Our software does not use license keys. It is activated by using your credentials from our website.


Do I also get the desktop software when I buy the iPad app?

Nope sorry. The desktop and iPad software are separate software packages, they do share the same plugin.

Can I have multiple iPad's running Air Manager?

Yes you can, there's no limit. You can also run the desktop application (if you have it) together with the iPad(s).

Can I create my own instruments with or for the iPad app?

Nope. Apple is very protective when it comes to file system access. We have looked at several ways around this, but it just ain't possible.

My screen is black

You're looking at a blank panel in viewing mode. To open the menu drag a single finger from the left side of the iPad inwards. It is best to start on the far edge of the iPad screen.

Flight simulator Plugins

The plugin installer for Windows crashes when I run it.

Make sure you have at least .Net 4.5 installed. You can download it here.

I have everything setup up right for a remote connection, but I don't see the gauges move.

Firewalls sometimes do more harm than good. Try disabling the firewall temporarily and see if Air Manager works. If it does, add your sim as an exception to the firewall.

Are you going to make a plugin for Dovetail Games Flight Sim World?

The product got cancelled, so no.

Are you going to make a plugin for Aerofly FS 2?

It's already there, since version 3.4.

Is there a plugin for DCS World or will there be one in the future

Who knows... But as long as DCS World does not have good plugin system, we can't support it. We know about the Lua plugin system that some fans have build, but this is not something we can support. We need official support from DCS.

Do you support PMDG aircraft

We have support for the 737NG, but this support is limited. PMDG shares just a small amount of the simulator data, all our efforts to extend this amount of data have been unsuccessful, as PMDG refuses to cooperate. With this limited set of data it is not possible for us to create proper instruments.


The Arduino or Knobster is not recognised

Clone Arduino's have a different chip (CH340) to communicate with the PC or Mac. Please download & install drivers here.

Do you support multiplexers?

We do not. Each instance of Air Manager and Air Player supports up to 16 of each type of supported Arduino board. What this means when adding those all up, is that you are able to have more than 2600 I/O pins. Adding another Air Manager or Air Player to the game, gives you again 2600+ I/O pins. Therefore multiplexer support is not required in our opinion.


The EGT gauge for aircraft X is not displaying the correct value

EGT output values from the simulator depend on the add-on developer, flight simulator (FSX, Prepar3D, X-Plane, FS2020) and even between flight simulator updates (especially X-Plane). Because this changes so much, we have added the option to the EGT gauges to set the maximum EGT. Lowering this value will bring the needle up, increasing this value will bring the needle down. You will have to manually tweak it for your application. Select the EGT instrument and you'll see the option to change the temperature.


How do I apply my coupon code

After you've added all products to the cart, go to the shopping cart to apply your coupon code. You can go to the shopping cart by clicking the small shopping bag icon in the top right corner of the page. Once you're on the shopping cart page, fill in the coupon code and click 'Apply coupon'. Or when headed directly to check out click 'Click here to enter your code' next to 'Have a coupon?', and fill in your coupon code. You will see the deducted amount in-between the sub-total and total.

Air Manager, Air Player or the X-Plane plugin will not open on my Mac

Apple likes to control everything you install on your Mac. See this page for more information on how to get around this.

Why do I get a maximum of 3 resets per license?

The number of resets per license is limited because our software uses an offline licensing system. This means that, after the license has been activated, the computer does not have to be connected to the internet to verify the license. Therefore there has to be a limit. If you happen to run into the limit of 3 resets, then please send in a support ticket.

VCRUNTIME140.DLL is missing on my system

Download and run the plugin installer to have the required Visual C++ Redistributable Packages installed.

Does the Knobster work with simulator or instrument XYZ?

The Knobster is not simulator specific, nor is it instrument (or panel), or operating system specific. It is a generic piece of (input) hardware and it has no knowledge of the simulator or instrument whatsoever.

I've got a Air Manager or Air Player 3 licenses and upgraded the installation to version 4, now it does not start anymore

By upgrading to version 4 you have converted the configuration (database) to version 4, and this makes it incompatible with version 3. You will have to remove the config.sqlite3 database file in the Air Manager folder inside the user folder, to start with a fresh configuration. For Microsoft Windows this is C:/users/your username/Air Manager/