There are various ways to get support, this is an overview of all options.


Installation guide, user manual, application programming interface (API), FAQ, and more. Please refer to the wiki first, this contains most of the things you'll want to know.


Use our forums for questions about all our software and hardware products, show of your projects, receive help with developing instruments, work together on instrument projects, etc...

Ticket system (bug report)

In the event that you encounter a problem with Air manager, we ask you to report this at our ticket system. We will help you solving the problem as soon as possible. This is done by either helping you solve the problem or fixing a problem in the Air Manager software and creating a new release..

You Tube channel

Our You Tube channel contains a wide variety of 'how-to' screencasts.

Cockpit builders file database

Download helpful files for the development of your own cockpit.

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