Custom professional flight simulation instrumentsSim Innovations is a powerful mix of experienced real life pilots and software engineers.
Together we have the capability to build high fidelity instruments.

At Sim Innovations we can build almost any instrument or instrument panel on request, all with high standards for both graphics and code. We also have a number of off-the-shelf professional instrument packages. These instruments can be bought in packages or you can create your own selection from different packages.

Contact us to receive a detailed quotation.

Professional instrument packages available

Fixed wing  
Cessna 172 SP instrument set  piperpa24  Piper PA-28 instrument set
Rotary wing  
  Bell 206 instrument set  Guimbal Cabri G2

These sets contain specific instruments, but also generic instruments. If the instrument you are looking for is not there, then it might be in the set of a different aircraft. You can create your own set by combining instruments from different sets. If you're looking for a specific instrument or a specific aircraft model which isn't there, then please contact us.

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