Double 15.6 monitor Stand/Mounts

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Double 15.6 monitor Stand/Mounts

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So i have 2 of the 15.6" WIMAXIT monitors. For those of you that have similar or identical setups, what do you use to physically mount the displays and a knobster to your cockpit setup? I saw a thing on Etsy from a seller in Germany, but it was $156 for a few cables and a metal bracket to mount to a HC Alpha yoke, seemed a little pricey and it jsut mounted one monitor. Plus shipping from Germany. Is there a simple inexpensive way to mount two panels and a Knobster that's more or less off-the-shelf? Any ideas welcome. Thanks!

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Re: Double 15.6 monitor Stand/Mounts

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At the moment I'm creating a cockpit panel with two 15.6 inch touchscreen monitors (from Waveshare) and integrating the Knobster besides some other controls. Similar to what you want. My panel will consist of just a simple stand made out of wood. The monitors will be placed on the base of the stand and fixed with two screws in the top Vesa mount holes. Between the two monitors there will be a small panel also attachted to the stand. I'l mount the Knobster at the panel by removing the case of the Knobster. Than the Knobster can be put through a hole in the panel and fixed with the nut of the rotary encoder.

The panel will be a simple one that I can take with me to meetings. It is quit easy to make. I have noticed that it is important that the monitors have good support of the stand near the corners of the monitors to avoid movement of the monitors when using touch (I assume you have also touchscreens). Also important is the angle of the monitors.

My cockpit panel have to be finished in two weeks because I'm showing my cockpit at the FSWeekend (16/17 march 2024, HCC!flightsimulator booth). When I have finished my panel I can share some pictures.

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