G5 hardware control

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G5 hardware control

#1 Post by Yanoucheka »

I know that we can control the virtual G5s with the RSG panel by reflashing a their firmware. But I have RSG G1000s panels that I use for displaying steam gauges when not using G1000 planes. I use Spad.next to map my RSG panels (but it would be the same thing if using the RSG app).

Would it possible for the virtual G5s be visible via some vars through MSFS so that we could connect to with an external app like Spad.next?


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Re: G5 hardware control

#2 Post by Ralph »

You can just add the G1000 to Air Manager as a device and create your own script. There's no need to flash it, just as with the G5, it also doesn't have to be flashed.

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