KnobFS direct to Air Manager possible?

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KnobFS direct to Air Manager possible?

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At this moment I have only found functions for KnobFS (and for other hardware devices) that send commands directly to the flight simulator. I would like to have a function that can directly be used in Air Manager, so bypassing any flight simulator event, variable or command. I fly in VR so most of the Air Manager instruments cannot be used and I am creating a display with quite some info to be used in FS2020 VR. Most of them are FS2020 variables and so, but now I need a function to scroll through a textfile (table).

I need to scroll forward and backward through this table to show the value of a variable in that table and, depending on pushing the button on the knobster, take further actions in that instrument.

Is this possible or am I asking too much and need to resort using a FS2020 variable that is not used (for example the ADF2 frequencies). The latter can be done but is a lot more work interpreting the output from FS2020 to be able to decide whether the "up", "down" or "swap" was ment to be used.

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Theo Scholten.
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