RPi/G5 rotary encoder

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RPi/G5 rotary encoder

#1 Post by t28pilot »

Hello fellow sim enthusiasts!

I recently updated to the latest AirManager and AirPlayer 4.2.4. After much tinkering, the 2 Garmin G5's are now properly displayed. However, I cannot get the RPi 4's to recognize the 5 pin rotary encoders. I have programmed them in accordance with the AirPlayer G5 instrument instructions by choosing Raspberry PI followed by assigning the pin number. I am using the same pin location numbers as I always have. This same setup was used with no issues on AirPlayer 3.7. so all worked well before updating to 4.2.4.

Is anyone else having this same issue? Any fix for it? I am wondering if there is something inside the root terminal I need to call out?


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Re: RPi/G5 rotary encoder

#2 Post by redman »

Hi Scott,

as you know, I've been having the same issues with my G5s using RPi. It all worked fine until updating from AM 3.X to 4.X. I've put a lot of effort into getting the buttons work but with no luck so far.

Perhaps the Siminnovations team could have another look at the issue and help us out?

Looking forward to receiving some help, as the problem with button control on RPi ARM forced me to discontinue all my AM Arm projects. Would love to start using it again!


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