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Help please

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Hi my name is Norman and I'm a new user in fact a real newbie
I've been struggling to get the program
(I use the flight simulator 2020) and Windows 10
I'm interested in using the G1000 bezel and I have got to the stage where I've managed to ,within thei air manager ,make the bezel

However no matter what I do I can't get the finished bezel to appear in 2020??
In the settings I have ticked for the bezel to show up automatically when I load my aircraft which is a c172
However when I load to see 172 on my computer I can use my ALT key to make the popout appear but there's no way that I can see where the bezel is
I guess the question is how do I get the bezel to go from the finished unit in air manager and appear on the flight simulator screen
I used to be good at this kind of thing but now I've reached the old age it's not that easy...

At least that's my excuse

By the way, I have watched nearly all of the tutorial videos but in each one I didnt see how the panel/instrument was directly posted to MSFS? ( msfs is recognized in the bottom left corner) iam also using 2 monitors and have experimented with various configurations including disconnecting the second one?

Any assistance would be appreciated

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