Garmin G5 bezel not recognizing knobster

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Garmin G5 bezel not recognizing knobster

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I've got a raspberry pi running airplayer, I've installed a knobster to control it. the panel has a dual G5 bezels and steam gauges. The knobster turns the steam gauges perfectly, but when I press to choose the G5 bezel, it highlights the button but rotating the knobster doesnt move it. The G5 is totally frozen. When I turn a VOR that is set as Nav1, it also turns the G5 OBS. But I'm unable to set headings on the G5. What is wrong with the G5's that it does not recognize the knobster inputs?
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Re: Garmin G5 bezel not recognizing knobster

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Did you set up the correct unit number on both the bezel and G5 instrument. Also check: ... n_problems

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