Changes to 737 EICAS Instrument

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Changes to 737 EICAS Instrument

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Hi All
I noticed that the standard 737 EICAS screen did not take into account the identification of thrust reversers being applied (text in the top part of the instrument) and the change in coulour of the fuel quantity text when the associated pumps are turned off.

I have successfully achieved this for X Plane (Zibo 737) but not for MSFS 2020 (PMDG 737). I have tried to subscribe to a number of different fuel pump related variables with no luck.
"GENERAL ENG FUEL PUMP SWITCH: Index", "GENERAL ENG FUEL PUMP ON: Index", and "FUEL TRANSFER PUMP ON: Index" all return 0 no matter what position the fuel pump switch is in. Similarly when looking at the thrust reverser, "GENERAL ENG REVERSE THRUST ENGAGED" returns 0 wether the reverse thrust is engaged or not.

Has anyone done this before and if so can you help me understand what I am doing wrong. I'm thinking PMDG use a different method of indicating Fuel pump switches and reverse thrust.



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