Rpi4 shutdown

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Re: Rpi4 shutdown

#11 Post by SimPassion »

Nice advice @bmcmullan 👍
This is how I power off all my lan devices in one shot, however I don't understood the OP expectation, so not put any example previously.
Additionally to fully answer to his own request, there's the "sudo shutdown -r now" option to allow to reboot the PI device
Other approach would be also, to use "sudo poweroff" or "sudo reboot" respectively on any taste, when these ones are available.

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Re: Rpi4 shutdown

#12 Post by Ralph »

I/O should work, so there's no need for all sorts of tricks. Jasper is back next week, I'll ask him.

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Re: Rpi4 shutdown

#13 Post by jetelectro »

Many thanks bmcmullan, I like that idea of shutting everything down from a single point.

My current workaround is a small edit in the pi4 config and a button switch, this does a graceful shutdown of the pi4 and also reboots if required!

I hope to get another pi4 next week . I would like to see how the system works with two pi's - will try a clean install of everything from scratch, fingers crossed the I/O will work as advertised.

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