Keeping tablets turned on

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Keeping tablets turned on

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Hi. First post here

.I’m looking at building a home flight panel using Saitek panels 3 tablets to display instruments, enclosed to look like a cockpit dash. Does anyone know of a way to either keep the tablets on, or have them turn on automatically when I boot up the system, my only thought atm is to hinge the glare shield so I can access the power buttons every time I want to fly.

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Re: Keeping tablets turned on

#2 Post by Ralph »

Is your question about (Android/Apple) tablets or Saitek hardware?

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Re: Keeping tablets turned on

#3 Post by MiGMan »

I connect mine to a power board. Then when I start up the cockpit and hit that power switch they all wake up.
... so I treat that switch as 'avionics master'.

That's just how I roll it!

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Re: Keeping tablets turned on

#4 Post by jph »

If you are referring to a tablet - I believe most are the same - then there is a hall sensor in the tablet - usually near wherever the 'top' edge is supposed to be when viewing.
You may be able to utilise that also. It is what allows the tablet to sleep when you close a case as there is a tiny magnet in the case in the appropriate position. You can test with a small magnet. Not sure of the best way to use them in your setup but it's an option.
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