5th monitor -- best way to add

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Re: 5th monitor -- best way to add

#11 Post by SimPassion »

Hi Bob @bob@bobleonard.com, better is to add such internal board :

https://www.amazon.com/usb-3-1-pcie-car ... +pcie+card


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Re: 5th monitor -- best way to add

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usb 3.1 does NOT in any way mean it will support a monitor adaptor unless it speciffically says so !!!!!

It is simply a connector standard. You have been warned :D

almost cetainly it will not work.
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Re: 5th monitor -- best way to add

#13 Post by captainronno »

Guys, I’ve been banging my head against my machine with this issue for a while. With my GTX1060 3gb, I had 6 monitors working (two main panel touchscreens, two subpanel touchscreens, all four running air manager.. an instructor station, and one TV for environment visuals). I was using an MST adapter out of the motherboard.

When I added a 3080 (hoping to attain the last two visuals monitors) I am suddenly limited to 4 screens, sometimes only 3. I don’t get it. I’ve tried disabling the 3080 to go back in time to what I had, but no dice…it seems to have convinced the computer that it can’t do any better. I’ve poked adapters into every hole I can find on this MFer and the result is always the same. 3-4 screens. I’m trying to build a ATD that I can certify, so running two machines with xplane pro license on them is not preferred, but it’s seeming like my only option. But WHY THE HELL DID IT WORK BEFORE? Did a bios update mess things up? Is my 1060 actually junk now?

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