How to migrate to new or radically upgraded computer

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How to migrate to new or radically upgraded computer

#1 Post by FlyerDavidUK »

I've been able to invest in a more powerful computer and so require to migrate X-plane and Air Manager across to the new PC.
X-plane seems to be as straightforward as copying all the X-plane directory files and re-entering the licence code.

Before I complete this for Air Manager, I wanted to check that the steps required are.
I couldn't easily find any documentation that covered this.

I believe the sequence to be:
1) Copy/backup the Air Manager directory/folder found in Users/(yourname).
2) Download and install a fresh copy of Air Manager from the Siminnovations Wiki page
3) Restore the Air Manager user folder backed up in (2) above
4) Download and install the Air Manager plugin from the Siminnovations Wiki Page (assuming already installed X-plane on the new PC)
5) Run Air Manager, login to your account and activate Air Manager licence. This is permitted up to 3 times on different computers, thereafter contact support.
6) Panels and instruments should be all available as before

Please could someone review the above and clarify any missing or incorrect steps? I don't want to lose any precious custom or purchased instruments/panels.

This worked, but on my first attempt I activated the Air Manager licence before copying across the user folder with my instruments and panels. This meant I had to re-activate a second time, so I have now lost two of my three lives. I have revised the above sequence to avoid that. I found the documentation about licence reset to be a little sparse in this respect.
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Re: How to migrate to new or radically upgraded computer

#2 Post by Lancairuk »

I have just upgraded and moved Air Manager and the ‘users’ folder to the my new PC. Re-registered Air Manager okay, but my panels are not in the ‘users’ folder. I have to re-built them all over again. Not happy. Can Ralf and the team allow the user to select a location for user panels?

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