Problem with Zibo 737 NG panels

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Problem with Zibo 737 NG panels

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Hi guys,
Has anyone ever tried to use the amazing 737 NG panels available at this address via airplayer on a Raspberry pi 4?
My Airplayer works fine with the other panels, but when I try to activate these specific panels via AirManager on my Windows machine, the only thing that comes up on both screens of the Pi are black screens and the FPS option I've activated to see the performances of the Pi.
Has anyone experienced this problem?

I have to say that I used to have them fully functional on my Windows machine, but I decided to put them on a Pi 4 to gain some FPS in the display of the external visuals under X-Plane.

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Re: Problem with Zibo 737 NG panels

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You'll have to push them to Air Player first. But you cannot use the flight simulator pop outs on the Pi, so it won't be of much use anyway.

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