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Panel question

#1 Post by johnliem »

Hello, I am new here, I plan to get Air manager, but I need some information about the Panel, I installed the demo version, and I see some panels, my question is when I choose one of the panels which is free version, are these buttons directly clickable?

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Re: Panel question

#2 Post by jph »

What do you mean by 'directly clickable' ?

if you mean - will they 'work' as in 'will they do something in the sim' ? well, the answer is almost always yes.
There are really only a few reasons they they would not be 'directly clickable' is I am understanding what you refer to ..

No datarefs or commands available for the aircraft in the sim.
Not implemented by the coder.
Of no practical use to the operation of the aircraft.

Almost always things you will see will work, but you can ask about a specific panel if there is something you absolutely need to know.
If asking about a specific panel and a specific item on the panel then say which panel and which sim / game.

but again, in general, yes, if it is possible to make the item work in the sim, and it is on the panel, it will work.
Joe. CISSP, MSc.

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