License already in use

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License already in use

#1 Post by Quebec11 »

I bought an AM license last month and activated it successfully. I have just upgraded from Windows 10 to 11 and I'm being asked to activate my license again. When I try, I get a "License already in use" message. Do I really have to use up one of my 3 reinstalations because of a Windows upgrade or is there some other reason?

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Re: License already in use

#2 Post by jph »

Please see the WIKI. ... _a_back_up

If you ever go over the '3' then simply contact AM. You will have no issues at all, and yes, upgrading an OS is a major change. (I think in the context of windows 11 the term 'upgrade' is perhaps stretching the bounds of reality.. but :lol: ...)
Again, you will have no issues. If you ever ned to contact AM via their support email they will ensure you are ok.
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