Leonardo bug in console

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Re: Leonardo bug in console

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Yes, very true. It is useful though in that it definitely highlights limitations in existing boards. I really do believe the PICO is the way forward.
Memory on the smaller boards is a definite issue. There must come a time when certain boards simply are not supported.
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Re: Leonardo bug in console

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Perhaps the way to go with this is to freeze the feature support on the boards that are getting short on memory and open up newer capabilities for the newer hardware. At least that way you don’t mess up an existing users setup that has multiple boards hardwired into their sim.

Unfortunately we can’t stop the fact that message port can do whatever the hardware is capable of but the built-in API features cannot. It’s why it was conceived in the first place. I agree though that the built-in API hardware features can be expanded over time if an approach like I outlined above is used.

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