Air Manager Home Use 4.1.3 shows only one of two devices

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Air Manager Home Use 4.1.3 shows only one of two devices

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Today I installed the new Air Player 4 for ARM on two different Raspberry Pi devices:
a) a Raspberry Pi 400, IP address ...83. Activated with a license bought today at 11h36 (local PT), order #35120, with a discount coupon I received by e-mail today from S.I.;
b) a Raspberry Pi 4B-8GB, IP address ...87. Activated with a licence bought later today (18h03 local PT), order # 35141, without any discount coupon.
When I tried to activate the installation on device under b) Air Manager indicated (correctly) 'A license was found that was previously activated on this device: Air Player. Do you wish to reuse this licence? '
At the same time Air Manager showed the IP address .... 87 (Air Player 4.1.2), that is the Raspi4B-8GB (my 2nd device).
Because I wanted to activate the 2nd (still free/available) license to this 2nd device, my answer to the last question was: 'No'.
Next I selected the 'Available Air Player 4 - Desktop'. Then I clicked on the button "Activate'.
Air Manager replied with a popup window saying 'Air Player is activated!. Your Air Player copy has been activated. enjoy using Air Player!'
After this I rebooted both Raspberry Pi devices. After the reboot I started the Air Player on each of these two devices.
I also restarted the Air Manager on the desktop PC.
Next I only saw that Air Manager reported only one 'Air Player' (with Linux logo), the one with IP address.... 83 (the RPi400).
I did not see the second 'Air Player' device (Raspi4B-8GB).

However both Air Player installations were running OK on the two devices.

I remember from past experiences, about one to two years ago when I also had various licenses for various Raspberry Pi devices. In that time all the devices were shown in the Air Manager.

I created a support ticket for this problem


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