Request for add Switch parameter to ignore Knobster

Support for the SimWareKits Knobster in combination with Air Manager and Air Player

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Request for add Switch parameter to ignore Knobster

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Hi, I am in the process to change the behavior of some switches in the FlyByWire A32nx Overhead panel

Example Overhead lights panel, some of the switches have two positions and you can just click/touch on them and they will change position, but some of them have 3 positions and you need first click/touch on them and then use Knobster to change position.
The goal is that they behave all the same just click on it.

It would be great to add a parameter to the Dial touch setting command
(e.g. touch_setting(node_id,property,value) add "Use Knobster" true/false)
This would allow the developer to flag certain Switches so they can be ignored by Knobster

Regards Alexander

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