Air Player randomly blanks the screen (but sleep mode is deactivated)

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Air Player randomly blanks the screen (but sleep mode is deactivated)

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I have Air Player 4.0.3 running on a Raspberry Pi 3B and my problem is that sometimes it randomly blanks the screen as if the screen sleep mode had activated. The strange thing is that on "good days" I can fly for hours and everything works smoothly. And on other flights, suddenly the screen goes black as if the Pi had gone into sleep mode. I have made double sure that screen blanking is switched off using raspi-config.

I suspect that it's related to the Air Player losing track of the information if it is displaying any panel or not. When the blanking problems start to occur, I usually notice that the Air Player's status "light bulb" on the panel is wrong - a panel is showing but the light bulb is "off" and he "Show" button is greyed out. I still see a working default panel and the needles are moving but maybe the player thinks it doesn't display anything and blanks the screen? Does the Air Player have some kind of "sleep mode" built in, and if so, can it be deactivated?

I've looked into the log file but apart from some networking errors that seem to resolve themselves there's nothing in there.
I have now switched off all automatic panel switching, but it still happens.

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