Merry Christmas 2021

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Keith Baxter
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Merry Christmas 2021

#1 Post by Keith Baxter »

Wishing all a merry Christmas and happy festive season.

It has been a tough year for all and many have lost their jobs.
I hope things change for the better soon and the economy improves.

I would a;so like to thank all at Si for the wonderful work they do and the community here for a very enjoyable experience. All very helpful all the time.
Stay safe in these times.

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Re: Merry Christmas 2021

#2 Post by jph »

Very nice Keith. I agree fully with your sentiments. All stay safe as best we can.

On a jolly note for Xmas.
My favourite xmas message is Max being asked if that card he is holding is for LH :D
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Re: Merry Christmas 2021

#3 Post by Ralph »

I wanted to write this earlier, but I didn't have the time and forgot.
I want to thank you all on this forums for your contribution to the community. So many of you use your free time to help others, that's pretty special I think.

We will do our best to come up with new and improved software. We're also working on a big and special project, which will probably be revealed in 2022.

I wish you all the best for this upcoming year. And I hope that you and your families will stay safe and healthy.

See you next year :)

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Re: Merry Christmas 2021

#4 Post by Corjan »

Happy new year,


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