Flight illusion analog altimeter

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Flight illusion analog altimeter

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Anyone here use flight illusion gauges specifically the analog altimeter? I'm hoping someone can help because I have tried everything. For some reason it stopped working. I finally moved one of the stepper gears about 1mm and the gauge starting turning again. I've been trying to figure out how to calibrate it for hours and I can't get it right and the manual documentation isn't clear.
I left only the altimeter gauge plugged in.
I loaded up the simulator control program.
Hit the default config. Selected the comm port and pulled the device list.
In the gauge assignments screen I see a note " calibrate must be done at -2000"
I can't figure out how the calibration window works. There is reset, set, arrows and a 100, 1000, and 10,000 radial buttons.
I click on 10,000 then reset. The 10,000 needle rests at above the 9 so I click the arrows and 1160 put the 10,000 foot gauge need to zero then I click set and it goes back just past the 9.
I click on the 1000' radio button and click reset and try to adjust the 1000' ft needle and nothing infact the bar pressure rotates here and there. Then I tried clicking 100' radio button and the 100' needle moves. I try lining everything up on zero and click set I go to test and settings are way off.

Anyone been through this?

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Re: Flight illusion analog altimeter

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Calibration of these instruments is not a part of Air Manager or Gstep, as it usually isn't necessary. You will have to contact Flight Illusion for this.

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