KnobXP in VR menu: solved

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KnobXP in VR menu: solved

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OK, I've read the other threads here. I can toggle the select KnobXP menu in 2D and everything works, but with Zibo in my HP Reverb G2 I don't see it. I can pull up the menu/plugins/KnobXP and see the settings pick and the recover window pick, but I don't see the select menu anywhere in the cockpit.
in config.json these settings are likely to be the cause of my problem....
SOLVED: edit this file and change "vr": true (no other changes needed)

Code: Select all

"vr": false,
"2d_window": {
"has_position": true,
"x": 277,
"y": 252,
"w": 256,
"h": 215

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