Instrument does not work with override_planepath set

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Instrument does not work with override_planepath set

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We developed an in-house real-time simulator which generates the dynamic behavior of A/C. We are using x-plane as Out-The-Window (OTW) visualization and plan to use air manger for the cockpit instrumentation.
To by pass X-plane physics engine, we set the following data reference:

- sim/operation/override/override_planepath

This works fine and we can control the position and attitude of the A/C. However, the instrumentation panels are not updated anymore. I tried to change the value of many data references in order to take control of the instrument without success. As an example, i can change the theta (pitch) and see the A/C pitch changes with the following:

- 'sim/flightmodel/position/theta'

but neither the x-plane cockpit ADI pitch indicator nor the data references reflecting the sensor value


do not change. Note that attempting to set directly the sensor data reference does not change the data reference value.

I would appreciate it if anybody could provide hints on how to take over instrument panels and change data references driving the instrument panels while in override (override_planepath = 1) mode.


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Re: Instrument does not work with override_planepath set

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I assume you’re running the professional version of Air Manager? You might be able to modify the instruments in question to pull data from your external flight model via ... ernal_data
Might even be just a simple change from the xplane dataref subscribe to your external data subscription

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