AirPlayer Raspberry failure

Support for Air Player desktop on ARM devices, like the Raspberry Pi.

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AirPlayer Raspberry failure

#1 Post by Deltasierra »

Hello to everyone,

after several weeks of inactivity, yesterday afternoon I’ve connected my RPI Airplayer C172 cockpit to XPlane 11 just to test some flights without any problems.
This morning I was make another flight, I’ve started AirManager on my iMac that has been updated to ver 4.02. After this upgrade I was not able to restart AirPlayer from my Raspberry pi 3B+
Is a very strange situation because, AirPlayer for Raspberry could be “independent” from AirManager Desktop…
Has anybody found the same problems? Any suggestions?

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Re: AirPlayer Raspberry failure

#2 Post by Huberflight »

Hello Deltasierra,

I have the same problem but no solution yet. Do you have any news?

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